About Us

WP Smart Care was founded in 2017 to provide for the needs of smaller businesses and organizations.

We have more than 7 years WordPress experience and have developed a thorough understanding of web surfing behavior. This knowledge, allied with our effective design techniques and support services, can make your website work for you 24 X 7


Rajan Vijayan

I am Rajan V, the founder of WP Smart Care, and I’m very hardworking 😊(kidding) and committed to all the projects I undertake and enjoy working with other individuals who have different skill sets. I love to solve seemingly intractable problems, both in programming and in those involving interpersonal dynamics between stakeholders in the projects I am involved with. My main strength is an ability to think outside the box and employ lateral approaches to problems. I thrive under pressure, and the most rewarding part of web development for me is applying new skills and new technologies to projects to add an extra dimension to them.

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